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Three days before leaving for Puerto Vallarta in March 20076, we were walking around downtown Evanston. We walked past the “Residences at Sherman Plaza” and saw a sign inviting us to look at their model apartments. We figured, “Lets see what they look like.” We had talked about moving downtown to a condo but never really seriously considered or did anything about it.

Turns out there were only three units still available in the building and WE FELL IN LOVE WITH ONE OF THEM! The next day we did a whirl-wind-tour of condos for sale in Downtown Evanston and each one was smaller, darker, more poorly layed out, provided less storage, was cheaply appointed etc than the one we saw at Sherman Plaza. It was quickly becoming the standard.

We decided to put the idea on hold and proceeded to arrive in and enjoy Puerto Vallarta. Over the next few days we talked about the condo a lot. Finally, via the marvels of cell phone and e-mail, we put a reservation on the unit. Over the next several weeks we had no doubts about what we wanted but had to work out the details and the financing. When we returned to Evanston middle of April we closed the deal. We moved in June 30th. This has probably been the fastest three and a half months of our life but we have NEVER doubted the decision!

In a short three weeks we are totally moved in, all boxes unpacked, and pictures hanging on the wall. We are cooking dinner, doing laundry, and working at the computer as if we had always lived here. Please to share these pictures with you.